High-end interior designer - High-end interior designer shipped goods over long projects and HMRC disputed the zero-rating for exported goods. The dispute followed a HMRC inspection where they refused to accept that goods had been exported potentially leading to >£400k VAT falling. We were… more
German supplier - German supplier of knee replacement tissue needed to know if UK VAT fell due. This involved questions of whether the supply was of goods or services and contrasts with EU interpretations. We found the supply to be services of growing… more
Icelandic company - Icelandic company imported IT goods into UK and needed to find a way to recover the import VAT. The accountant could not make the costs recoverable however by acting as UK VAT Agent we were able to establish a short-life… more
Singapore based business - Singapore based business was sourcing and selling cars into the UK. We provided guidance on how VAT should be arranged for cars imported into the UK by a non-UK business to enable VAT to flow through to the final sale. more
UK subsidiary of German parent - UK subsidiary of German parent needed to find a Brexit-proof solution to importing goods to the UK destined for Ireland. By exploring Customs reliefs and how the client traded with Irish customers it was decided that an Irish registration would… more
US based Formula E racing team - US based Formula E racing team had an argument with HMRC about recoverable VAT. A HMRC compliance check challenged entitlement to VAT reclaims of >£350k which had not been accounted for very carefully. By reconstructing the records and presenting the… more