Mitigating and Avoiding VAT Penalties

How to Avoid VAT Penalties

HMRC have become increasingly aggressive in their approach to applying penalties to VAT mistakes. So it makes sense to focus on this question of how to avoid VAT penalties or at least keeping them to an absolute minimum. A key […]

Happy 30th Birthday to us!!!

I never imagined I’d ever be typing ‘Happy 30th Birthday to us’.  Where did the time go?  It has made me reflect on what we have achieved in all that time and I can’t help being hugely proud of us. […]

What is Postponed VAT Accounting?

Following Brexit, Postponed VAT Accounting (‘PVA’) was introduced in the UK and since January 2021 has been a great help to importers .  It is a really useful simplification and valuable aid to cash-flow.  This summary aims to explain what […]

How to claim VAT on Bad Debts

How to claim VAT on Bad Debts

A supplier can suffer twice where a customer does not pay their invoice – once for not being paid for the supply and second where the supplier has had to pay the VAT charge over to HMRC but not received […]

Is VAT due on commission?

Is VAT due on commission?

I have heard this question asked countless times: ‘Is VAT due on commission?’.  Such a simple question but with a real can of worms for an answer.  The reason for that is, not only can commission be paid on just […]

sport clubs & charities

VAT for Sport clubs & charities

This is all about VAT for Sports Clubs & charities and the problems faced by CASCs with VAT relief on construction. In two quite separate cases two more sports clubs have fallen VAT victim to the distinction between a CASC […]