What are IncoTerms?

‘Paws for Thought’ – What are IncoTerms?

Here Monty is talking about why IncoTerms matter.  Get these wrong and you can find yourself treated as owning goods outside the UK and that will mean having to register for VAT in other EU countries, which will be expensive. […]

'Paws for Thought' about Export Evidence

‘Paws for Thought’ about Export Evidence

Alfie is talking about why Export Evidence is important.  If you don’t look after the paperwork you will find yourself having to pay VAT on goods sold overseas without being able to pass the cost on the customer and that […]

VAT OSS Rules for EU sales

VAT OSS Rules for EU sales

The VAT rules for all supplies of either goods or services that leave or arrive in the UK have always given rise to problems.  Never more so than post-Brexit and now we have new VAT OSS Rules for EU sales […]

UK subsidiary of German parent

UK subsidiary of German parent needed to find a Brexit-proof solution to importing goods to the UK destined for Ireland. By exploring Customs reliefs and how the client traded with Irish customers it was decided that an Irish registration would […]

Brexit & the Tariff

Brexit & the Tariff

Brexit has introduced a large number of businesses to some new rules which form the nuts and bolts of moving goods around Europe so it is important to get them right. Brexit & the Tariff is now a vital consideration […]