Happy 30th Birthday to us!!!

I never imagined I’d ever be typing ‘Happy 30th Birthday to us’.  Where did the time go?  It has made me reflect on what we have achieved in all that time and I can’t help being hugely proud of us.

I always say that we only know about one thing, and that one thing is VAT.

At first sight such a tiny little tax but undoubtedly a tax with a huge heart that just keeps on giving.  Late registrations; messed up import VAT; correcting VAT rates and securing refunds; fighting against HMRC’s rejections; overseas client registrations; partial exemption shortfalls and overclaims; resolving calculation errors; sorting out property structures; help with agency invoicing; interpreting multi-party transactions; rectifying documentation flaws; negotiating back-claims for input VAT; place of supply mess-ups; discounting disasters; business promotion scheme nightmares; penalty appeals – oh and so much more – not forgetting of course lots of solid support with VAT returns – all makes for a lot to be proud of.

For 30-years we have worked hard to keep our clients happy and they tell us that they are – which is wonderful!!!  Happily, having a birthday on 1st February sits nicely with having ‘done’ a dry January, which is a birthday party bonus I hadn’t banked on when I first opening the doors for business on 1st February 1994…

So I’ll just say ‘Cheers!’ – huge thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.

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