UK VAT Agency

Do I need a UK VAT Tax Agent?

If you need to be registered for UK VAT and are based outside the UK, you will need to complete VAT paperwork and deal with the HMRC here.

UK VAT registration could be needed if:

  • You import goods into the UK
  • You own goods or property in the UK.
  • You are supplying goods from a stock held in the UK.
  • You are a non-UK business selling to UK customers.
  • You supply digital services to the UK.

Additionally, you will also need to know:

  • What products should have VAT charges applied, and at what rate
  • You will need to decide on whether you should opt for flat or standard rate
  • When zero-rate is applied
  • What can be claimed back, and what can’t be
  • What documents you need to obtain and retain

Life will be made much easier and you will ensure compliance if you employ a UK VAT Agent to help you.

So, what makes a good UK VAT Tax Agent?
Look for a company with experience and a good track record: ideally one which specialises in VAT, understands its complexities and works regularly with the HMRC. AVS VAT was set up over 25 years’ experience by Melanie Lord, chartered tax advisor and former VAT inspector. We have been providing VAT support, and UK VAT Tax Agency services, for our many clients ever since.

As your UK VAT Agent, we will:

  • Look after all of your UK VAT obligations
  • Use our office as your UK address
  • Prepare and submit your VAT Returns
  • Be your contact point with HMRC
  • Handle all queries, correspondence & inspections

Call our experts today on +44(0)1438 716 176 for more information or for assistance.

What our clients say:

“Great to have a knowledgeable and highly practical adviser who helps see things through to the end.”
Jonathan Freedman, Asquith Venture Ltd

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