Kids party/holiday provider - Kids party/holiday provider centred on art classes was facing VAT registration and a reduction in profit. Referred by their business coach we explored the extent of applying the education exemption. As art is a subject taught in schools we found… more
Limited Partnership - Limited Partnership unsure of VAT on property and concerned by VAT on unusual transactions. Acting for the solicitors handling surrenders of leases to create a residential development we were able to structure the transactions so that they were incurred by… more
Optician practice & partial exemption - Optician practice's partial exemption method was not on the correct footing so VAT was due. A change of accountants led to questions over the validity of the methodology. We were able to rework prior years and limit the VAT underpayment,… more
Property company - Property company was trying to register for VAT but HMRC had refused. We found that the company was entitled to register under the intending trader provisions and successfully argued the case with HMRC who allowed a retrospective registration which therefore… more
Property development company - Property development company acquiring development land in a barter arrangement. The land was owned by a working men's club who agreed to sell provided the developer constructed a new clubhouse for them on another site. As a barter transaction the… more
Sale or return retail company - Sale or return retail company with several outlets operating as separate entities led to disaggregation concerns. The arrangements had left the client exposed but by reference to contracts and the actual trading structure we were able to recommend how these… more
Seller of event tickets & holiday packages - Seller of event tickets & holiday packages unsure if TOMS had been handled correctly. Using the complex TOMS rules we were able to review and verify the methodology making modification and improvements so that prior and future VAT accounting is… more
Second-hand car part company - Second-hand car part company had confused his records and over-paid VAT. By using the second hand margin scheme rules and forensically rebuilding the client's records we were able to calculate VAT actually due on the car part sales and advise… more
Team sport supplier - Team sport supplier had charged VAT on all of its supplies - was this the right answer? Advising on the extent of the Sports exemption led to us quantifying a back claim of >£70k for overpaid output VAT and overcoming… more
Theatre Club tickets - Theatre Club ticket sales involved retention of a profit margin - what was the value of the supply? Complex agent -v- principal considerations led to uncertainty on the value of VAT due. Review of contracts and website presentation along with… more
US based Formula E racing team - US based Formula E racing team had an argument with HMRC about recoverable VAT. A HMRC compliance check challenged entitlement to VAT reclaims of >£350k which had not been accounted for very carefully. By reconstructing the records and presenting the… more
Insurance company - Insurance company involved in car policies under which written off cars had to be disposed of. The exemption for insurance allied with second hand margin scheme and complex agent -v- principal distinctions had led to confusion. Research and review enabled… more