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Are you VAT Compliant?

VAT is a complicated multi-faceted tax. 

We help our clients find their way through the minefield of complicated and evolving VAT rules.

Is your VAT burden too big?

Many organisations suffer more than they need to.

AVS helps clients to structure their business to optimise VAT claims, minimise VAT due and avoid the risk of expensive fines.

Is managing VAT a real hassle?

Can you justify the cost of having in-house VAT expertise?

AVS provides an out-sourced VAT service to businesses, trust administrators,
solicitors and accountants whether based in the UK or elsewhere.

AVS VAT offers strategic support and advice across a wide range of VAT issues including Partial Exemption, Zero-rating, VAT & Property, Charities & Not-for-profit, UK VAT Registration, Intrastat & EC Sales Listing, International Supplies, E-Commerce & MOSS, Input Tax Claims and VAT Refunds.

Our Services

Organisations that address VAT as a business issue, not just an accounting issue, avoid costly VAT problems. Our long-standing clients now embrace this philosophy, taking a strategic view of VAT structuring, rather than risk unnecessary or unexpected VAT costs. AVS provides advice, support and assistance on VAT issues in a variety of ways. These include…


VAT out-sourcing

For direct clients and for accountancy or legal firms without an in-house team we take care of VAT on a flexible and responsive basis.

Negotiating with HMRC

Leading submissions and negotiations; working to secure favourable VAT treatments.

Advice & support to non-UK businesses

Acting as UK VAT agent for businesses with no UK infrastructure.

Support for other professionals

A VAT service for smaller accountancy or legal firms without an in house team.