What is TOMS?

The TOMS (Tour Operators Margin Scheme) is a compulsory EU accounting measure specifically designed for those in the travel industry who buy in and resell travel, accommodation and certain other services. Although the rules are complicated and confusing, in many cases TOMS is a good solution. Without TOMS many businesses would have to register and account for tax in each member state where their services are enjoyed (you can read HMRC’s guidance here).

TOMS is only relevant for sales to consumers and does not apply to wholesale B2B sales. Whilst TOMS was created as a simplification measure, it can be complex to understand. This can often result in VAT over-payments when the many and various finer distinctions of TOMS are not properly applied. 

We can help you make sense of the rules and avoid paying too much VAT. 

Specialist Travel & TOMS VAT Service

With our in-house expertise AVS VAT is uniquely positioned to offer Travel Agents and Tour Operators an exceptional service when facing the challenges of TOMS.

As the TOMS calculation can be very complicated, many Tour Operators and Travel Agents may find they have over-paid VAT and are entitled to a refund.  

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