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AVS VAT sepecialists

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UK VAT Agents

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A simple and cost-effective VAT return solution for anyone not using an accounting package with a built-in VAT filer

Help when you need it.

VAT can seem such a simple tax, but it is easy for you to get caught out and not know that some complicated rules apply.

You might need our help with some of the ‘tricky bits’, including:

  • Land & property
  • Exempt reliefs especially for education, finance, insurance
  • Gold plus charities
  • All of those zero-rates – do you know when you should, and when you shouldn’t?
  • Import & export – especially with Brexit!

Your quick check list:

Have I paid VAT in the past but not had a refund?

Am I sure the VAT paid on sales is at the right rate?

Are there any complex VAT rules in play?

If HMRC has assessed extra VAT, am I sure they are right?

Have I got a strong Post-Brexit plan in place?

Our specialist team will take care of all your VAT requirements.

Save money & time by acting before transacting!

Getting help early – just asking a quick question, may well save you a lot of time and money later. Take our advice, as experts in this field: ‘sooner is always better’ – so call us and we can quickly tell you ‘this is straightforward, you’re all ready to go’ or… ‘this is a minefield, perhaps we can help you make sure you get it right – in fact, there may even be some relief here for you’.

Looking at VAT in advance works wonders, and it will get you the best result – every time.

The best VAT answers come from thinking it all through before you make any commitments. After all it is a tax on transactions so once the transaction is done the VAT treatment has been cast.

If you aren’t sure of your answers, then give us a call and we can guide you.

Remember – your first call is free and we will always quote you before undertaking any work – our ethos is: transparency, honesty and excellent customer service.

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VAT outsourcing for clients and other professionals

Support for organisations that don’t have an in-house VAT specialist.

Specialist property VAT support

VAT advice on commercial property transactions.

Advice & support to non-UK businesses

Acting as UK VAT agent for businesses with no UK infrastructure.

Negotiating with HMRC

Leading submissions and negotiations; working to secure favourable VAT treatments.