Tax Team of the Year

Tax Team of the Year

All of us at AVS VAT had been so very proud to be nominated as Finalists in this year’s Accounting Excellence Awards as Tax Team of the Year so we were really excited to go to the big reveal at last nights Awards dinner.  Fantastic to be out and about in London again but sad that our Senior Specialist, Kelly Eland was ill with Covid and couldn’t join us.

Now I won’t lie and say I wasn’t desperate to win the award but I didn’t actually think we would so it was super shocking and exciting to hear AVS VAT announced as the winner.

VAT can be such a sneaky little tax and all too easily can catch out the unwary so as well as making us all feel so very good to be the Tax Team of the Year, perhaps in a huge hall of accountants, the fact that it was a VAT team that won might just help make people stop and think about VAT.

We spend a lot of time trying to encourage people to think about VAT at a very early point.  After all VAT is a tax on transactions and once that transaction has taken place, if VAT wasn’t on the right footing, it can’t necessarily be put right later.

This is why we say sooner is always better.  Let’s hope this award does more than make us feel very good about what we do.  Please call if you’re ever not sure about anything to do with VAT and we’ll be happy to help.

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