VAT and village halls

VAT and village halls

Not for the first time HMRC have lost their argument trying to withhold VAT relief on a community building. Centred on the difficult question rules surrounding VAT and village halls, HMRC’s stance has led to a real cost in lots […]

How 'no deal' Brexit will work

Commercial common sense wins through

You may think it is obvious whether something is a booklet or not but, 45 years on, we still see HMRC arguing that VAT is due on printed matter instead of this being zero rated.  I sometimes find it hard […]

Has HMRC refused your VAT registration?

HMRC are refusing to accept applications to VAT register where trade hasn’t yet started and this is just plain wrong!  If you know someone who has been refused a registration, please give me a call. Any organisation making plans to […]

Farmer’s VAT Flat Rate Success

An argument about whether a farmer is entitled to use the Farmers’ VAT Flat-rate Scheme has finally been settled after going right through the UK appeal process and all the way to the Court of Justice of the EU. The […]

UK VAT on Harley-Davidson Membership Subscriptions

Not for the first time the VAT tribunal has had to decide whether VAT has to be paid on the full customer payment or only part of it.  This time the argument centred on subscriptions paid for membership of the […]