Confused about VAT and Northern Ireland?

You would certainly not be alone if you’d been feeling confused about VAT and Northern Ireland.  There’s this large slice of illogicality sitting on top of the subject, it really is hard to understand.  Worse, once you think you have […]

Delayed VAT number

What do you do if you need a VAT registration but you can’t get one? I was thinking all of this through after reading that HMRC have admitted that they do in fact have significant delays in processing that registrations […]

Defer your Deferred VAT

When the world stopped and businesses were forced to grind to a halt because of Covid it was a great help to us all to not have to pay VAT due last Spring.  But as with all debts, you can […]

Brexit & VAT – what needs to be done

With so little of 2020 left we have to face up to the fact that we are knocking on the door of Brexit. Despite still having some significant Brexit unknowns, the fact remains that Brexit is happening and really cannot […]

UK VAT if the Price Changes

How to handle UK VAT if the Price Changes

HMRC have announced new rules from 1 September 2019 for how to handle UK VAT if the price changes. How do you deal with VAT adjustments if prices are decreased or increased? Price adjustments can occur a long time after […]