VAT on Children’s clothes

Baby products supplier had been charging VAT on all sales including baby towels. We were very pleased to be able to prove that baby towels could be treated as children’s clothes and therefore be free of UK VAT.  This success […]

Not-for-profit child guardians

Not-for-profit child guardian service provider unsure of the VAT treatment and if over-charging clients. The accountants were unsure and asked us to establish whether VAT had been charged in error on guardianship services to parents of students studying in the […]

Optician practice & partial exemption

Optician practice’s partial exemption method was not on the correct footing so VAT was due. A change of accountants led to questions over the validity of the methodology. We were able to rework prior years and limit the VAT underpayment, […]

Seller of event tickets & holiday packages

Seller of event tickets & holiday packages unsure if TOMS had been handled correctly. Using the complex TOMS rules we were able to review and verify the methodology making modification and improvements so that prior and future VAT accounting is […]

Vocational training provider

Vocational training provider in the beauty sector was concerned that VAT had been underpaid by not being registered. Referred by the accountants, whether VAT was due on vocational training which we addressed by exploring the nature of services being supplied […]

Retirement village development

Retirement village development – could VAT be claimed on construction of a members club central hub? Case law and HMRC policy in this area made advising on how to structure the common areas in order to maximise VAT claims by […]