Icelandic company

Icelandic company imported IT goods into UK and needed to find a way to recover the import VAT. The accountant could not make the costs recoverable however by acting as UK VAT Agent we were able to establish a short-life […]

Baby products supplier

Baby products supplier had been charging VAT on all sales including baby towels. Exploring legislation and case law we were able to show zero rating applied and present arguments against unjust enrichment provisions leading to a >£60k refund plus ongoing […]

Kids party/holiday provider

Kids party/holiday provider centred on art classes was facing VAT registration and a reduction in profit. Referred by their business coach we explored the extent of applying the education exemption. As art is a subject taught in schools we found […]

Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership unsure of VAT on property and concerned by VAT on unusual transactions. Acting for the solicitors handling surrenders of leases to create a residential development we were able to structure the transactions so that they were incurred by […]

National Citizenship Scheme provider

National Citizenship Scheme (NCS) provider unsure of VAT treatment and whether VAT should be factored into their overheads. The accountants asked whether VAT was due on NCS arrangements or covered by education exemption? We discussed and researched by reference to […]

Not-for-profit child guardians

Not-for-profit child guardian service provider unsure of the VAT treatment and if over-charging clients. The accountants were unsure and asked us to establish whether VAT had been charged in error on guardianship services to parents of students studying in the […]