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How UK VAT can go wrong on property

The VAT rules that apply to property are beautifully complicated which means this list could have been endless but here are the ones that I seem to run into fairly regularly, especially when property is changing hands.  Remember if in doubt, call and check it out....

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How to avoid VAT problems

My recommendation is that you adopt a pedantic approach when applying VAT procedures.  The devil's in the detail of every VAT relief so it’s important to make sure procedures are secure to protect against a challenge from HMRC. There are lots of VAT procedural man...

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Why thinking about UK VAT is important

Yet another example of why it is so important think about VAT before a deal is finalised and make sure the proposed VAT treatment is clearly communicated. I was talking about the importance of thinking about VAT before getting to the point of issuing a sales invoice...

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Is it UK VAT zero-rated, exempt or both?

When deciding how VAT applies to a transaction I always start with asking ‘what is it?’  In theory this tells you whether there’s any VAT relief and generally points to a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.  However we recently saw a rare event when the tribunal decided the...

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