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Travel & TOMS VAT Scheme

What is TOMS VAT? 

The Tour Operators’ Margin Scheme (‘TOMS’) is an EU simplification measure for the travel industry that is really quite complicated. The dark art of working out how to calculate TOMS VAT is not understood by many, which is why AVS VAT is delighted to have Linda Farnham on board helping travel sector clients get to the best VAT answer.

Our Specialist Travel & TOMS VAT Service 

Linda’s unique experience in heading up HMRC’s TOMS unit for many years means AVS VAT can offer an unrivalled service to Tour Operators and Travel Agents who, by making designated travel supplies as principal or undisclosed agent, must face the TOMS challenge.

Over-payments can easily happen where the many and various finer distinctions brought into play by TOMS are not properly applied.  This means that many Tour Operators and Travel Agents may be entitled to a refund within the TOMS VAT scheme and simply do not realise it.  This can become a consistent and growing problem over time.  In fact, TOMS can be so complicated many Tour Operators and Travel Agents are unaware of the refunds that they might be owed.  Carrying on with what they’ve always done can be preferable to working through the onerous and complicated steps in the TOMS calculation.

The big question then is: are you sure your TOMS VAT calculations are completely correct?  If you are in any doubt AVS VAT can help.

Are you a Tour Operator or Travel Agent making travel supplies within or outside the EU? 

Maybe you are an accountant with clients who must operate under the TOMS VAT scheme? 

Our proactive Travel & TOMS VAT service can help you by:

  • Analysing your costs and income into the best possible categories;
  • Revisiting prior calculations and secure refunds from HMRC;
  • Improving and automating your systems and procedures, and
  • Reducing any unnecessary drain on manpower and resources.

We are all about getting it right and adding value to your business, so why not give us a call on 01438 716176?