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Questions & Answers

Q. Do you have any areas of particular expertise?

Yes, VAT & property, also partial exemption and other situations where VAT can’t be fully claimed.

Q. Can you communicate directly with my other advisers?

Absolutely – this often leads to best possible outcome.

Q. Where do you begin with a new project?

Information is power so I start with Who? What? When? Where? Why? & How?

Q. Does AVS submit VAT returns on behalf of non-UK clients?

Yes – we deal with all aspects of a UK VAT registration, including VAT returns, Intrastat & EC Sales Listings.

Q. How are fees calculated?

Fees are dictated by the complexity of the project. Lower rates apply to compliance work. Consulting rates are set to represent good value for quality delivery.

Pearls of Wisdom…
Never decide how to deal with VAT on the basis of what you were told in the pub or even relying on logic – remember – “Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence” – Joseph Wood Krutch 1893-1970

“Call us – sooner is always better” – Melanie Lord, AVS VAT