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UK VAT Plan for Brexit

Even though we’re on the brink of change it’s not too early to make a Brexit VAT plan.  Here’s what you can do – 1. Map out how all of your purchases and sales work in terms of geography and contracts – check you include all that you’re doing and how you’re doing it. 2. […]

UK VAT Flat Rate News

If you’re interested in the VAT Flat Rate Scheme increase affecting limited cost businesses you can find out more in HMRC webinars on Wednesday.  HMRC are running two webinars when they outline the test that will need to be applied. Wednesday 01 March 12:00 to 13:00 Register now for this meeting Wednesday 01 March 14:00 to […]

UK VAT on Adult Colouring Books

From April 2107 VAT will be due on all colouring and dot-to-dot books that aren’t specifically marketed as being suitable, or are actually unsuitable for under-18’s. HMRC have magnanimously announced their clarification ahead of imposing VAT to give suppliers chance to alter their products.  I think we can expect to see <18 stickers on the […]

Prospect of Simple UK VAT

Good news that the complicated bits of VAT are being reviewed by the Office of Tax Simplification to ‘ensure that the system is fit for purpose’.  This is not a VAT rate review but maybe owes something to Brexit? You can read more here I’m particularly pleased that the review will consider whether we need […]

UK VAT claims on pre-registration costs

After a long argument HMRC have conceded that they were wrong to block VAT claims on costs incurred before being VAT registered. Anyone who was blocked from making a claim can now seek a refund – an early Christmas present maybe? Welcome news and a return to how the rules have always been. To read […]

UK VAT on buildings – Client story

All manner of sub-lets never documented putting previous UK VAT claims at risk but back-dated option to tax confirmed today which is good news.  Lucky for this client but HMRC’s starting point now seems to be resisting these situations which crop up regularly and that’s just not playing fair!  Don’t let them put you off.

Don’t ignore UK VAT on over-payments

Two unrelated VAT cases struck me as being potentially important for lots of businesses. The VAT Tribunal decided that National Car Parks had to pay VAT on all of the payments received not just on the charges levied – the difference arising from car park cash machines [annoyingly] not giving change. The Court of Justice […]