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Air Ambulance gets UK VAT refund!

It’s always a wonderful thing getting a good answer for a client but getting a nice big fat refund for my air ambulance client has even more feel good about it.  All involved are very happy and I’m feeling rather proud. And did you know?  It was only when I started helping this air ambulance […]

UK VAT – HMRC deadlines

Chasing HMRC this morning (6 April) for a response to a letter sent 4 weeks ago and I learn their reply of 23 March will take up to 2 weeks to arrive!!!  Why?  Surely this is madness? And yet here we are jumping through hoops to meet a 14 day deadline imposed by HMRC to […]

UK VAT on commercial building

I thought I’d share this lovely email from my happy clients – it’s what it’s all about! “Alison and Scott Harris from Harris Trucking Storage in Sheffield would like to express our appreciation to Melanie Lord at AVS. Due to a warehouse purchase, we had a rather large refund to apply for from HMRC. Due […]

UK VAT on commercial property – Client story

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place today with this tangled mess of a property group getting with-held VAT claims released.  The wrong company bearing costs; not notifying the option to tax at the right time; claiming on exempt conversions were all part of the mix but all now resolved.  Big thanks to […]

UK VAT commercial property – Client story

“You are amazing” pat on the back email today from my client which is a lovely thing.  VAT claim on commercial property purchase should’ve been easy enough but delays caused by discovery of the wrong legal entity being registered nearly killed the deal.  Knowing how the system worked meant we got an early 1st return […]

UK VAT on buildings – Client story

All manner of sub-lets never documented putting previous UK VAT claims at risk but back-dated option to tax confirmed today which is good news.  Lucky for this client but HMRC’s starting point now seems to be resisting these situations which crop up regularly and that’s just not playing fair!  Don’t let them put you off.

UK VAT claim for Charity – Client story

What satisfaction to get a large amount of VAT back for this lovely charity client.  But what a challenge convincing HMRC that yes they can do a 4-year back-dated VAT registration.  Good job I know how the rules work!  The option to tax, non-business-v-business apportionment and partial exemption all rolled up into one easy use […]