Month: November 2016

Late UK VAT returns – no excuses!

Penalties for late VAT payments still apply even if an employee hides the facts from the company directors. You just can’t abdicate from being responsible for making sure VAT is being handled properly. The Damn Yankee Limited (TC05495) failed in its tribunal appeal against £49,000 penalties for late VAT payments even though the directors had […]

UK VAT claims on pre-registration costs

After a long argument HMRC have conceded that they were wrong to block VAT claims on costs incurred before being VAT registered. Anyone who was blocked from making a claim can now seek a refund – an early Christmas present maybe? Welcome news and a return to how the rules have always been. To read […]

UK VAT-free new cars

Although you might know that VAT can be claimed on business cars, please don’t think the claim comes without strings attached. In three recent cases the tribunal looked at the rules in detail with mixed results for the taxpayer. In a nutshell a business can only claim back VAT on buying a new car if […]

UK VAT commercial property – Client story

“You are amazing” pat on the back email today from my client which is a lovely thing.  VAT claim on commercial property purchase should’ve been easy enough but delays caused by discovery of the wrong legal entity being registered nearly killed the deal.  Knowing how the system worked meant we got an early 1st return […]