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ICAEW VAT session open to all in Bedford

Click here to download the ICAEW's flier for my session tomorrow in Bedford.  We're going to look at what we can learn from recent tribunal decisions and explore why thinking about VAT is always better done sooner. I'm also re-running the session for the ICAEW but in...

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Is it UK VAT zero-rated, exempt or both?

When deciding how VAT applies to a transaction I always start with asking ‘what is it?’  In theory this tells you whether there’s any VAT relief and generally points to a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.  However we recently saw a rare event when the tribunal decided the...

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Day Care Centre wins UK VAT argument

Great news for welfare service providers with a fair but surprising decision in the VAT tribunal that basically HMRC were wrong to rely on the wording used in UK legislation. Learning Centre (Romford) Ltd [2017] TC 05946 was the lead case in an argument that they were...

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UK VAT & sport

Back in February I was more than a little cynical about the European Court of Justice (ECJ) being asked to decide whether playing duplicate contract bridge was taking part in a sport.  I thought I'd be in good company with the man on the Clapham Omnibus in thinking it...

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Air Ambulance gets UK VAT refund!

It's always a wonderful thing getting a good answer for a client but getting a nice big fat refund for my air ambulance client has even more feel good about it.  All involved are very happy and I'm feeling rather proud. And did you know?  It was only when I started...

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UK VAT – HMRC deadlines

Chasing HMRC this morning (6 April) for a response to a letter sent 4 weeks ago and I learn their reply of 23 March will take up to 2 weeks to arrive!!!  Why?  Surely this is madness? And yet here we are jumping through hoops to meet a 14 day deadline imposed by HMRC...

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